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Covid-19 Release Sickness Benefit


The TCI National Insurance (Benefit) Regulations provides for the payment of Sickness Benefit when an insured person is quarantined – i.e., when he is “incapable of work for any day during which he is required to abstain from work because he is under observation by reason of being a carrier, or having been in contact with a case of infectious disease” (Reg. 22)

Qualifying Conditions:

1. You must be between the ages 16 – 65 years old

2. You must have been employed on the day of or the day before the quarantine was imposed; and

3. You must satisfy the following contribution conditions:  You must have paid 26 contributions  You must have paid or been credited with at least 8 contributions in any continuous 13 contribution weeks during the last 26 weeks immediately prior to the week in which the first day your period of quarantine was imposed.